Padel Court Perth

Introducing Padel Tennis, the fastest growing sport in Australia. At World Class Surfaces we are one of the first Perth based companies dedicated to the construction & installation of Padel Tennis Courts. 

Padel Tennis

The Leading Padel Court Specialists In Western Australia 

Padel Tennis Court Specialists

At World Class Surfaces, we are the most experienced in designing, manufacturing & installing Padel Tennis Courts with great success in Perth, Western Australia. We will work with you from the design – planning – construction – surfacing – line-marking – maintenance & sports equipment.

Our promise is to use the highest quality building materials & the most qualified construction services whilst building your new Padel Court. We guarantee that your safety & performance is our highest priorities when supplying our customers with the best quality Padel Tennis Courts on the market.

how we install the padel court

Padel Court Installation Process 

padel tennis


Our team of specialists will build your solid & durable concrete base, an essential element in the construction process. A well-done slab will prevent false rebounds and allow better rainfall evaporation.

We then erect the galvanized structural steel frame with precision too make sure the padel court is 100% safe & sturdy. After the frame is completed, we continue with securing the glass panels to the frame.

The choice of synthetic grass is crucial for optimizing players performance, luckily we offer a carefully selected range that can work in tandem with the degree of rigidity/softness or quickness/slowness of your choosing.

Once the synthetic turf is rolled out and installed, we start the line-marking process using only the latest technology to make them centimetre perfect.

With the last step in the Padel Court installation process, sand is evenly distributed and groomed throughout the padel court giving it a World Class finish.